Modern Witch

April 13, 2018

I rarely feel the need to dress all black, but when I do, I feel like I am becoming a movie character.

I know, I is timeless, chic, mysterious and cool. But it's not my cup of tea. When I got this dress from Metisu, I felt challenged to style it up my way. Although a brand new dress, it has a vintage vibe, so I decided to mix it with true vintage pieces, such as this  oversized leather jacket which I bought last summer from a second-hand shop back home in Cluj, Transylvania, a military beret. I also added Western-inspired masculine shoes (H&M), and my beautiful velvet bag with mermaid clasp. I just couldn't go all black, I felt like dieing inside. Oops. 

I love the overall result, and in case you're wondering why do I look so pale...oh well, I have no makeup on but the eyeliner. When I saw myself in the mirror I said I would definitely wear this outfit for a funeral. Jokes aside, it's a sophisticated feminine look, which even though it's not 100% my style, I still love and would wear whenever the perfect opportunity will arise. What are your thoughts on this look?
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Fashion styling: @carlavadan

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  1. this jacket is a real treasure. I love this whole look!


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