Poetry in Motion

May 08, 2018

Some clothes make me day-dream. So is the case with this gorgeous lace dress, which to me is a poem in motion.

Indeed wearing this dress makes me feel like being the main character of a poem, novel or movie. When I saw this dress online, it immediately inspired me: its delicacy, femininity, its pale yellow which can barely be seen, its summery perfume, the intricate details...all part of a story, waiting to be written in time. Oh and what a wonderful time it is. Summer has finally stepped into London and it brings emotion on everyone's sleeve, the kind of emotion one feels when the air is so hot you can barely breathe, when you just melt in the moment and forget about your worries or what time is it. The simple emotion of just living in the "now", tasting every single moment with a glass of white wine and few blueberries on the side. 
The dessert of life, that's what summer is. At least to me. 

Crimson sunsets and yellow pages, warm under the golden sunlight and a breeze gifting us with the sweet smell of lilac and roses. What more could one ask for? The simplicity of a moment in time, pure and honest, filled with love, creative thoughts and all the peace there is. This is life.


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