4 Outfits to Brighten Your Winter

January 30, 2019

Comfort is something we're all after, but many times being comfortable in our clothes is not very aesthetically pleasing...that until now. I went on a mission to find some of the coolest comfy items there are and I put together four full outfits for you so you can get inspired and start feeling and looking good.

We tend to believe that winter doesn't offer us many fun options in terms of clothing. Except it really does, much more than other seasons. Winter is the time of the year when you can layer up, clash prints, colours and fabrics more than ever, and use materials with a warm and fuzzy feel such as knits, faux fur, thick denim, in the most unexpected combinations.

For the first look I am about to present you, I went for bright colours: lime and pink. As simple as that. I love this mix, it's all about good vibes and fun! For a 70s vibe, I went for a vibrant eyeshadow (turquoise and blue), my naturally wavy hair and I accessorised with two oversized hair clips adorned with pearls. Minimalistic in its essence, this look is the quintesence of comort, but it also makes you sparkle. This gorgeous oversized jumper is from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk, one of my favourite online shopping platforms when it comes to cosy knitwear, comfortable, chic and affordable pieces. It goes by the name of Polly and you can find it HERE.

The second look is also a simple one: high waisted mom jeans and a cropped jumper featuring an on-trend snake print. Yaaas, queen! Pair up with black combat boots, an oversized trench coat and you are ready to conquer the world. What more do you need? My winter trick? I always use a skinny turtle neck in a neutral shade under this type of cropped knit. It looks amazing and keeps you warm. Of course it's FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk that sells this gorgie which goes by the name of Sienna and cand be found on this link over HERE, along with other beauties, such as dresses, jumper dresses, cropped hoodies and a million other items I'm sure you'll love!

I can't help it, I really love animal print. Not because it's on trend, I loved it since I first saw it, as a child, in the 90s. There is something wild, provocative and fun about it: it can look sophisticated, kitsch, it can look so different from one person that wears it to another. Try this as an experiment: take a female friend, go to a shop which sells animal print clothes and try exactly the same item on. See? It's so chameleonic. I must admit, it doesn't look good on everybody. Animal print, just like your soul animal, needs a strong owner, it needs confidence, self irony and a certain posture. That's if you want it to look as good on you as it does on Kate Moss. My amazing jacket which I am now obsessed with and knitted dress are both from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk. The biker jacket goes by the name of Pearl, find it HERE and the dress is named Ellie, find it on this link, HERE. It was time to pair my western boots with something, and this was the perfect ocassion. Oh, I also added a leopard print bag in faux-fur for some extra fun!

Ok, ok, I know it's the third knitted set I own but I am not sure it will be the last. There's nothing more comfortable and warm in this Universe than being hugged by it . This one is my favourite so far, I love this shade of gray and also the shape of the jumper which is cropped and oversized, and the joggers which can be tied up. Gotta love a cosy cable knit in winter! This set goes by the name of Robina, and you can find it HERE.

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