A Grungy Rainbow

January 28, 2019

On some sad, glommy winter days, I'm in the mood for fun! And you know what lifts my spirit? Mixing colours, prints and wearing warm clothes which also bring a smile on my face.

I know, I know, perhaps some of the clothes I'm wearing make me feel like a child once again and I really love the feeling. Most people are wearing dark colours only, which, as you know, I find quite sad (especially if you they don't own it and the styling is non-existent) as it looks really boring and safe. And damn, I hate safe choices. Never was, never will be a fan of those. 

In today's outfit I mixed everything: I like to call it an "eclectic cocktail". Glittery hair clips, the softest teddy coat I got this year, cable-knit jumper, some bling, colourful eyeshadow, a gorgeous leopard print satin skirt from SHEIN (the jacket is also from SHEIN), neon pink tights and finally, a bright red bag and black boots. I do look like an oversized 5 year-old girl, but I love every single piece I'm wearing and how they work together too!

The whole look also has a 90's grunge vibe to it, which was the whole idea. I'm a nostalgic at heart and often find myself dreaming of past eras instead of enjoying the present. I feel like everything is too "mixed" now, too inspired from the past, and it seems like not even the time has its personality anymore...it's difficult to classify, put a name on the past 10 years in fashion, it's a bit of everything. Therefore more often than I'm supposed to, I love to bring back some good old trends, feelings, vibes, to live in the past and continue to hope that one day, people will leave in a Kardashian-free world once again, with values and aesthetics restored back to normal. Is that too much to ask?


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