Spring to Life with SHEIN

March 04, 2021

I may have overreacted.

The few sunny days we had these past weeks made me think of more than spring, of summer itself! Can you imagine that? 

But March is finally here, are so are open shoes, open backs...and open hearts, why not?
My little obsession with clogs was brought to life by SHEIN, once again, with their super cute, vegan-friendly clogs - they are super comfy too as the sole is not heavy wood, but a light foam, made to look exactly like wood. How smart is that?

There's then the eternal blazer, one of my favourite clothing items ever. The good old masculine blazer, which elevates any outfit. I colour-coordinated it with with the belted peg trousers in a gorgeous shade of pastel lilac, which is not super visible here due to the gloomy day we shot these in. What a paradox, no? Gloomy spring days...well, welcome to London.

Then the open back dress, which makes me feel like a character from those vintage Swedish postcards we used to get in the post back in the 90s from my mom's friend living in Stockholm. If you have no idea what I am on about, just google "vintage swedish postcards" and you'll see what I mean. 

The off-white jumpsuit in the creamiest shade fo white works perfectly with the white version of the clogs and with the blazer, reminding you of...gelato, what else?


Studded Clogs or search 2077330
White Clogs or search 2077337
Yellow Blazer or search 1961405
Lilac Trousers or search 1909674
Open Back Dress (100% cotton) or search 2023144
Plunge Neck Denim Jumpsuit (100% cotton) or search 1920376

Use carlavadan15 for extra 15% off on SHEIN sites. Valid until March 31st.


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