Summer Ready But Where's The Summer?

May 19, 2021

Long time no blog post, but here I am with some serious summer inspo for you. The only issue is, summer is nowhere to be found, because in London it still feels like a mellow October.

We tried our best to shoot these outfits outdoors, each and every one of them, but it's sunny for 10 minutes and raining for 12 hours for the past weeks, so not a chance. After shooting the outfit below out, the Apocalypse came so we had to shoot everything indoors, as usual - it was also very gloomy so here's to dark and moody photos while summer is, supposedly, around the corner. Maybe in other corner of the world, certainly not London or the South Eastern Coast for that matter.

I hope you can look past that and find the summerness in the colour and fabric choice. Better days are ahead, in my dreams is always sunny. Strange, huh? I need to move somewhere warmer and with more light soon, otherwise I will literally go crazy.

Without further ado, find the coolest new clothes from SHEIN below, from a kinky open back blazer dress to beautiful chartreuse mules, a perfect pure cotton maxi dress with a modern touch of cut-out details and the most beautiful blazer on planet Earth. I found them all for you, so enjoy!


Use my code carlavadan15 (Extra 15% off SHEIN sites, valid to June 30th)

@sheinofficial @shein_us 

Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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