Dear Interior Design Lover, Here Are the Coolest Wallpaper & Canvas from PHOTOWALL

June 10, 2021

Hello there!Thosw who know me know I love aesthetics, I am obsessed with colours and since we got our home last year, with decorating it!

Unfortunately, as the home we actually own is back home in Cluj-Napoca, Romania we haven't been able to visit since last year due to these crazy pandemic restrictions - can't afford to waste 10 days in self-isolation here and 14 days there, so we postponed everything for this summer! As summer is here, we do hope these restrictions will be lifted by the time we get to travel, but in the meantime I would like to show you a tiny sneak peek of a new, cool, extraordinarily beautiful wallpaper we got from PHOTOWALL.

You probably remember them and their amazing products from last year in September, when I showed another sneak peek of a cool wallpaper, which can be seen HERE.

This time, I went once again, for a jungle-themed wallpaper (there's something magical about them), perhaps because they all remind me of the Jungle Book - I grew up watching the animated movie and reading the story of Mowgli and I have always found it fascinating! The new wallpaper we got is called Parrots Home (you can actually enter these key words in the search box on the PHOTOWALL website: in order to find it). 

As I literally spent hours on the website, I couldn't simply settle on the wallpaper so I went for an oversized canvas with a minimal print - it's absolutely huge 150X100 cm, and it comes with all the wooden and metal bits you need in order to put this canvas up (for some reason I thought I would receive a huge package with the canvas on the frame, but it's actually a bit of DIY so I love it even more!). As our walls are painted in a light and airy gray, we went for a print that says BLUSH, with the actual colour code and just a super huge rectangle of this gorgeous shade of pink that goes by that name.

So bare with me please as I do not want to put it up just yet, as if I would, I will ruin it once I will take it down from its wooden frame in order to transport it to Romania. I will film some reels and do another blog post in the beginning of August the latest, as soon as both the wallpaper and beautiful canvas will be up, on the right walls! As previously mentioned, we live in a rented accommodation in London and our landlady isn't keen on having wallpapers up, but neither do I as I want them in my own home! Which we will move to pretty soon :).

As a note, I would like to mention my order came in no time, less than a week, arrived safely and in perfect condition, just like last time! The guys from PHOTOWALL are super speedy and professional so don't hesitate to ask for help! You can even submit your own designs, or alter the existing wallpaper models with the help of their experts in order to create your dream wall! 

As a small gift to all you guys who recently bought a place of their own, or not so recently but feel the need to add something fresh to your home, here is my unique code which will give you a whooping 25% off your entire order! Use carlavadanxpw25 until the 10th of August and get 25% OFF any product on their website. Yup, ANY PRODUCT. So choose your fav now!




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