Flowers And Circles

August 29, 2016

[Photos: Pinterest]
Circles commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. Without beginning or end, without sides or corners, the circle is also associated with the number one. They are frequently used as sun symbols, as well as representing things associated with the Sun. The astrological symbol of the sun is a circle with a dot in the middle. The same symbol is often used to represent gold, which is strongly associated with the Sun. That's why I love circles. They are a symbol of perfection, something we all aspire to.
Symbolism is endless in flowers and meanings range from protection, to love, to warnings, to wealth. Over the ages humans have devised symbolic languages of flowers, which became popularized in the Victorian era. In the 1600's, Lady Mary Wortley was pivotal in bringing flowers and meanings to the public attention. Prior to her research and observations the symbolism of flowers was quite esoteric.

Probably one of the most popular flowers, loved and hated by many, the rose meanings vary according to colour. On the whole, however, roses are symbolic of deep love, concentration, intelligence, balance, and passion. They are also sometimes seen as a message for healing, revitalisation, rejuvenation and courage. Roses are very complex in their features, and so therefore have complex meanings. More than just Valentine's Day favourites, roses bear the mark of honour, devotion and intense commitment on many levels. Give roses only when you are serious about your intentions. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

Well, circles and flowers took the fashion world by storm this year! Many designers and brands integrated these symbols in their collection, coincidence or not. Symbolistic much?  We can't be sure, but they both look amazing: from embroidered flowers, to sequined ones and from hoop earrings to belt buckles, they are everywhere. And I love them. Circles? I even have them tattooed on my skin? Flowers, not so much...but I always have them in my home. Can't live without these two.

For this outfit, I chose a  see-through floral dress, paired with white trainers + white socks and triple hoop earrings. The choker and the circle detail bracelets were also a must as I fell in love with them from the moment I saw them on SammyDress. Last but not least, the backpack. I know you're probably in love with it, because so am I. It's made out of a soft faux leather and has these amazing flower details. I was a bit worried about it at first, but it arrived safely, all the way from China. It's so adorable and easy to wear as a statement item, it will definitely be my favourite piece for this A/W16!
My 3D Floral Backpack, the statement piece for this season. Find it here

Leather Choker - here
Circle Bracelets - here
Oh, even my sunnies are round. I forgot to mention that. You can find them here.

 Stay inspired and do whatever makes you happy. Live life at its fullest!


Photos: Cristian Vadan
Stylist: Carla Vadan

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