Welcoming September

August 30, 2016

Hey guys,

Today is about textures. Textures and colours. Because definitely, I can only see a certain texture in one, maximum two colours. I'm not talking about prints here, but yes, I'm talking about clothes now. 
I love pretty fabrics which are interesting enough to captivate my curiosity. I love lace and I love crochet. So what about crocheted lace? A big yes! Of course, I needed  to choose a colour: yellow. Yellow - ochre to be precise. And orange - tangerine tango. They just work together. They make you dream, they inspire, they taste like autumn. 
You're probably wondering what am I talking about. I am talking about my new favourite items from Zaful.

Flared sleeve top - here
Crocheted lace leaf skirt - here

What can you wear in September? Embrace nature! Go for autumn's colours and textures. Let them inspire you.
They are lovely, aren't they? This is how I'll welcome September. With warm colours and rich textures. I will wear leaves and knits and I will enjoy this new, colourful and inspirational season. 


Photos: first 3 - Carla Vadan
last 2 -Cristian Vadan
Styling - Carla Vadan

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