Sweet as a Pineapple

March 15, 2017

Some days the London weather is just awesome. Not awesome enough to wear this outfit though, but a girl can dream. As I said, dreams are free and perfectly legal. 

So while I'm waiting for my summer holiday, I'm in the search for perfect swimsuits. One of them (the bra) you can see it here, I absolutely love it! Love this retro-chic meets the Flintstones look and the modern asymmetry of the bra. The knickers are high waisted and also look and feel fab! And no, they're not see-through. The fabric is doubled so don't worry about that.

I might do a post of all my fav swimsuits so you can find more inspiration there! What do you think?

Enjoy the Sun!

I'm wearing ZAFUL 

Photo: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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