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June 03, 2017

I discovered Zaful one year ago, when they…discovered me. It was a hot summer’s day and I received an email from a lovely girl asking me if I were interested in a collaboration. I checked out the website, Zaful, and I instantly fell in love: modern, on trend pieces at super affordable prices. Of course I had my doubts whether the quality of the products is good or bad, but all I had to do was…simply wait for my order and decide if I really like them or not.

It was right before my holiday so I hoped my items would arrive on time - they did! They were here in around 5 working days or less (to London, using express shipping) and when I received the parcel I was super anxious: what’s it gonna be - contentment or disappointment? Go back to my first post on Zaful to see what I’m talking about - here.
I was impressed with the quality of the products, (I still love my embroidered bomber jacket) although the swimsuits were sent as a surprise gift so unfortunately two of them were too small for me. 

Still, many more orders later, today - I still love Zaful and to be honest, I check the App on my iPhone at least twice a day to see what else is new - whatever I like, I just add it to my basket and before making an order, I’m mentally mixing the pieces together to create outfits or choose whatever I love most and fits with the rest of my wardrobe. Why I love it? Because we’re living in a fast-paced world, with thousands of fashionable pieces and trends just coming up every single week from the high-street brands. Can you keep up with that? It’s not that I’m obsessed with trends - to be honest I’m not -  but there are certain items that you just fall in love with and feel like you can’t live without them (do I sound crazy?) - some are crazy, some are bold, many are just overpriced and not worth spending hundreds of pounds on - so here’s where Zaful comes in. I’m not spending more than $80-$90 on my orders (I’m talking about 6 pieces of clothing) or a bit more if I’m getting some accessories as well. It’s just a cheap, decent price to pay for fun clothes with the same quality as many of the popular high street retailers and trust me…most of them are made from super nice fabrics (perhaps once or twice in a year I had pieces in a weird fabric that I didn’t like but anyway, it’s not like I paid hundreds for them).  

Zaful changed a lot in one year, and all for the better - they do their own labels, have an active community on their website and app - make sure to check out Z-me - and they have everything you can dream of in terms of clothes and accessories (yup, shoes included). 

So keep up the good work Zaful, use as many natural fabrics as you can and…make sure to get shoes in bigger sizes too - I’m a size 40 and I can’t find my size in all the styles, haha!

Check out few of my fav Zaful looks below.

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  1. I've been seeing Zaful on the web lately so it's good to know they have quality items. The way you styled their pieces is just gorgeous.

    1. Yes they do! The majority of their items really are good value for money - they're fashionable items and fashion fades, remember. So for one season they're just perfect.

      Thank you for the appreciation Diana!


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