Do a Small Change - It Will Make Your Life Better

September 13, 2017

Sometimes a simple change can mean the world. A small, simple change in your look or daily routine can truly make a difference in making you feel more better, more confident...making you feel more "yourself". 

I used to have a fringe few years back but then I felt it was annoying to look after so I let my hair grow. This year, I decided to make a change: have my fringe back and return to my natural hair colour - a dark blonde (that's going slow and I might give up). Having this fringe made me love and trust in myself more. As stupid as it sounds, this little change brought some huge changes with it. I feel more inspired than ever in my style choices, in my life in general, more ambitious and I feel like I am my true self again - some sort of inner connection that simply clicked.

If you feel like you're losing connection with your inner self, just do something you really want to but are afraid of. This summer was truly amazing for me, my long holiday back home in Romania made me think and feel different. I got over my (part)unfounded fear of heights, my hair stylist made me feel like a million bucks, I spent some time in the wild (at night too) and I simply realised - once again - that those little victories that make you feel so alive, those are the things that make life simpler, smarter, more beautiful. The rest doesn't even matter. But we got to dress if we have to, we must do it well (just like everything else).

In today's outfit, I'm rockin' a sailor meets French inspired blouse made from a soft and silky fabric that simply works with everything, a vintage double breasted blazer, mom jeans, a vintage leather bag that I have since highs chool, velvet mules and a gorgeous super smooth silk scarf. The top and scarf are from VIPshop - I really suggest you take a look on their website, they have high quality items at affordable prices with really cool designs!
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Styling: Carla Vadan

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  1. I'm glad that some small changes to your appearance made you feel more whole. I got my septum pierced a few weeks ago and it's weird, but I feel more myself now. I love your outfit and how you put the scarf in your hair like that. The mules are beautiful : )

    1. Thank you, Diana! I know what you mean...same feeling, haha :)


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