How to Wear the Trench Coat

September 15, 2017

The trench coat is a quintessential piece that can't miss from your Fall wardrobe. British by definition, it is a super versatile piece that goes with literally everything - it elevates your styles and adds that little touch of mystery that we all love and adore. It protects you from the stubborn wind while making you look like the main character of a spy movie...what's not to love?

You probably remember my updated trench from of my previous blog posts, but today I'm here to talk about what actually goes...underneath the trench coat. Ok, literally everything but we are girls so let's be feminine. A short, high-waisted skirt, A-shaped, in a bright colour is a smart, safe and choice (it flatters most of the body types too). Pair it with a fun shirt - button it al the way up, add a ribbon or a brooch to it for a personalised touch and don't be afraid to add heels (mine is from VIPshop). Not sky-high ones (I never liked those) - they will take your look in the wrong direction - opt for kitten heels instead. Kitten heels are cute, fun, comfortable and look ah-mazing! For this look, I added one of my fav accessories: a baker boy cap with military influences and a vintage straw bag.

For me, this look captures the classical British vibe - ok, with some French influences and some flight attendant chicness added to it - the type of look I am rockin' during Fall, when leaves start turning gold, when the apples start falling from the trees and nostalgia hits you like a brick...that time when you want to sit in a cosy place reading vintage books and sipping a green jasmine tea while listening to the song of the rain and the angry, howling wind.


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Photo: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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