Smells Like Peonies

September 19, 2017

There are times when you become obsessed with certain bits. Colours, sounds, scents, fabrics, foods, etc...we've all been there. When a colour evokes certain memories or scents, it generates a sort of special aura around it and you feel so attracted by it at a certain point in your life that at times you might feel that you're stuck. You're stuck and you want to stay that way, to indulge in its magic.

For me, it happened few days ago when I saw this cosy pink sweater on ZAFUL. Not only the sweater had that warm raspberrish-powdery "fragrance", but few other pieces: trousers, a shirt, a skirt, a coat...all in the same delicious shade of pastel pink ( I am not hungry, it just the way I see colours - being a visual artist is quite magical...).

Rich prints - psychedelic flora and fauna - are what I am after, paired with timeless comfortable pieces that make me feel confident and down-to-Earth. Mixing prints has always been a big YES for me, so having this season's hottest - plaids - together with psychedelic botanicals is a must. I must admit I am in love with these glasses, but I mostly wear them when in front of my Mac as I don't need glasses in everyday life - lucky me! Oh, did I mention the pink marble phone case I currently own? Throw an eye on the pics, get inspired and start shopping. 💗


Styling & Text: Carla Vadan

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