Pretty in Pink

September 22, 2017

Just when you probably thought I couldn't pull off more pink - here I am, rockin' a new and awesome wintery coat from METISU. It was love at first sight, I must admit. A super warm, soft fabric, a perfect shade of pink, the perfect design & length. Same with the jumper - I have many gay friends and acquaintances so the rainbow just felt right. Besides, one of my friends told me it takes him back to his childhood, when back in the 90's we used to rock this kind of jumpers at school. Pretty cool.

What else? I wanted a pair of vinyl trousers for a long time now but all the pairs I have tried on were making awful sounds while walking so I simply said no. Not these though, I found them in an outlet back in my hometown as I was pleased with the fabric itself, it's not sticky and doesn't make funny sounds. That's a first! I paired everything with my Gucci trainers - I had them for few months now but never actually posted a look wearing them here so I thought it was about time. They are the most comfortable sneakers ever! A colourful crystal  thunder patch, embroidery and the finest Italian leather. A dream.


Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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