London in September

September 04, 2017

After a dreamy, never ending holiday back home in Romania, I am back to London. It feels like home too after all these years...September is on and the nature is slowly starting to transform itself, bringing colour and nostalgia into the world. I love Fall and its magical leaves, its inspiring rains, its fury at times - it makes me calm inside. I love reading even more now, I love spending time inside just drawing and listening to music, watching movies or spending quality time with the ones I love. I am rejoicing at the thought that winter is so close, I can't wait for the snow and all those perfect occasions to celebrate life - again and again.

It's September! Colours and busy prints mean everything to me now. For today's outfit, which is mostly from ZAFUL (everything except the leather jacket) I went for bright colours and rich details: ribbons, frills, jungle prints, artsy bits and of course, some hardcore bits - the jacket and glasses. I just can't be too feminine, it's simply not my style.

If you feel inspired, remember one of my previous blog posts in which I had these items in my wish list - here  - I can only tell you how wonderful they are in real life too: the shirt has amazing details and the colour is exactly like I expected it to be, the skirt is made from a soft, silky fabric, the shoes are super comfortable (it's literally like walking on a pillow) and the sunglasses...just wow! My husband told me they make me look like Terminator though. Oh well, I used to love that guy.


Photo: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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