For The Vintage Lovers

October 24, 2017

From left to right: denim jacket | velvet cap | stripy dress | red bag | tweed boots
Who doesn't love vintage? I certainly do. I love roaming the charity and vintage shops in the search of the beautiful unknown. It's like a modern treasure hunt: you just know where you should find it, but you don't know exactly what it is. When you find, you're both excited and happy and you want to share your precious find with the whole world. The only weird thing? The gems you find aren't always the right size - usually they're few sizes bigger or are a bit faulty, you need to call your seamstress or you start taking the matter in your own hand and actually ruin the clothes. It happened to me and not once. So while I remain a huge fan of vintage shopping, I discovered a new way to buy clothes that are inspired by the vintage ones, but are actually brand new and you can actually choose your size. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Ok, it's not that genuine vintage but it's super cool and much more easier to get that retro vibe without wearing clothes that are too worn in or not the right size.
On shopping platforms like ZAFUL, I discovered many items that could pass for true vintage, but are much more affordable, new and you can choose the right size for you - from clothes to accessories, they got you fixed dear vintage lover.
I decided to put together some of my favourites (I even made two outfits  - sorry, but can't just choose random pieces), hoping to inspire you. There are the direct links set for each product, so enjoy shopping!

From left to right: newsboy cap | furry bag | retro jumper | faux leather shorts | furry sneakers

Photos: Zaful

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